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Talking Stuck....

Originally Posted by Dust
u want me to send you a piece to compare against? but you know, the stuff you are looking at probably does not have the correct foot prints and fork lift holes that the approved stuff has
Actually, I was going to pop for a small piece from ASS to compare with the piece Dow is sending. I can only hope it is a representative slice (like bacon in the grocery store) of the personal "pre mods" done in the shipping process. A nice staple gouge can really test the mettle of a novice composite engineer, but not as much as a full fledged conveyor belt wedgie! Plus, all my stuff is delivered by UDS, you remember him? He is the guy in brown at the beginning of the movie "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective".

Thanks for the offer. BTW I can get the other foam locally, this is a big boat-building area and there is plenty of the other type of foam available..

Here is a pic of our beer delivery:
It's enough to make a grown man cry!
If they treat our beer this way **sniff** you can imagine how they treat our **sob** foam!
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