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Old 08-01-2006, 09:42 AM
Wayne Hicks Wayne Hicks is offline
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Default Are you a good "Tipper?"

I absolutely love the raw epoxy finishing technique, but I don’t like the ridges that form when squeegeeing off the skim coats. You do extra work sanding them down after cure.

While reading the WEST System User Manual, I rediscovered "tipping". In the boat building business, you apply several coats of raw epoxy over the laminates to form the barrier coating against moisture intrusion. (Sounds a lot like skim coating, hint, hint?) You “tip off” each coat by dragging a foam brush lightly over the fresh epoxy in long, even, overlapping strokes. Tipping smoothes out stipples and ridges. The manual goes on to describe how to make a tipping brush from a segment of WEST 800 Roller Cover. But I said to myself, “Self, why not use a foam brush?”

So when I did the skim coating on the fuselage, I bought a few disposable foam brushes and tried tipping the skim coats. It worked! It knocked down all the ridges left by the squeegee, and the sanding wasn’t as difficult. I even went so far as to apply the skim coats with the foam brush instead of the roller. The brush acts as its own squeegee, and I found in some areas the epoxy was more easily applied with a brush than a roller.

I still prefer the roller and I still prefer the squeegee, especially on larger surface areas. You’d be there all day with the brush alone.
But tipping does work and I’ve added it to my finishing repertoire!
Wayne Hicks, Cozy Plans #678
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