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Old 03-13-2007, 06:07 PM
Marc Zeitlin Marc Zeitlin is offline
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Originally Posted by cptomes View Post
I would guess that the surface temp might be lower than the temps under the surface, which is more critical.
How would that be? Heat flows from high temperatures to low temperatures - not the other way around.

Originally Posted by cptomes View Post
ISo it seems to me that convection of heat to the air at the surface would be the only way to lose heat. The bottom of the layer of paint at the surface might be hotter?
How would it have GOTTEN hotter? Heat flows from hot to cold, and it's hotter outside than inside - there's no heat source INSIDE the wing.

This comment indicates a very common fundamental misunderstanding of how insulation works. The insulation in your walls of your house only keep the house warmer inside (in the winter) because you're generating heat inside the house with your heating system. If there's no temperature differential, there's no heat flow. Think about the summer - the house stays cooler on the inside than the outside, because the heat's being generated outside, and flowing inward. At EVERY point along this heat flow, the temperature is slightly higher the further outside you go. In the winter, it's the opposite - the temperature is slightly higher the further INSIDE you go.

Same with the wings. The temperature will always be highest on the outer surface, because the heat is ALWAYS being generated outside the wing (unless you've buried some sort of heater in the foam core, which I would find extremely unlikely).
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Old 03-13-2007, 06:22 PM
cptomes cptomes is offline
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Originally Posted by Marc Zeitlin View Post
Thanks, I stand corrected.
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