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Old 01-27-2007, 01:15 AM
ZG4Me ZG4Me is offline
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Default Stoked... for a bit

Ran into a pair of wingtips sticking out of a hanger at Vance Brand a month ago, turned out to be "Strider" on this forum. We yakked for a couple of hours, he said we should touch base after he got back from Arizona for the holidays.

"Strider" got the oil changed out yesterday, emailed me, said 10:00, be there. A bit late, I showed at 10:30 as he was pushing his VariEze outside. Crystal clear skies, vis 20 miles (min!), calm winds, 40F.

"Hop in, need new charts and fuel". One finger clearance under the throttle, prime through the dipstick door, pull 4 times, and we have noise. Taxi to the little boys room for fuel and maps (I think the charts cost more than the fuel BTW). Strap myself in the back seat, taxi out to active, close/latch the canopy. Run up at 1800 (he says), full power as we roll on to active and GO!

50 - 60 - 70- nose off - 80 - 90- main wheels off - rotate - gear up. The Canard was well above the horizon (back seat, remember?), 100 comes over the intercom followed by 1600FPM a bit later. 1600 FPM at 5400' and a full load. Did I mention 1600 FPM?

The plan was a touch/go at Greeley, the same at Ft. Collins/Loveland before returning to Vance Brand. Did I mention 1600 FPM yet? 8,000 MSL and you can see Greeley. We took the long route, due N, then E to Greeley.

Departing Greeley, "Strider" was the first to pick out the parallel traffic @ 8,000 in a high wing. We must of had 50 kts on it. Did I mention 1600 FPM yet? Passed a plane like it was standing still?

"Final" turn to Loveland was a bit wide, but it was a non event to *me*. "Strider" was verbally beating himself over the intercom though. Came, went, do it again. Good landing in my book.

A few minutes later we're entering pattern at Vance brand, fuel shows a gallon or two in each strake, I'm doing a bit of the sweat routine.

A few pix at Would have been more, but 1600FPM @ 5400, and 160 passing a spam can...
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Ya, had a total ball

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Old 01-28-2007, 03:55 AM
SteveWrightNZ SteveWrightNZ is offline
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awesome. The first time I turned an X-Plane canard to final I noticed I drifted well past the centreline also. Maybe it was just going faster than I was used to. Cessnas seem to hang motionless in the sky in comparison.

great to read your story - glad you had a blast..

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