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Old 08-11-2005, 07:42 AM
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Default Installing new tires and brakes

My new Michlin 6 ply tires came with instructions (this time). I've since asked quite a few people if they do the steps outlined in the instructions, and not one had heard of them.

Did you know that tires stretch when you first inflate them? Put 60 PSI in the tire, and next morning it will read 55. The stretch will not be uniform if the tire has weight on it, so Michlin recommend that you leave the newly inflated tire off the plane for 24 hrs. Their instructions say that you will have a misshapen tire which will cause shimmy if the tire stretch occurs with weight on it.

Also, be sure to mount the dot on the tire alongside the valve for best balance.

The brake pads need "conditioning". You do this by testing your static rpm at which the wheels roll, then doing 3 taxi tests braking almost (but not quite) to a stop from 40 - 50 kts with medium pressure. Then let the brakes cool for 10 - 15 minutes, then test the static rpm you can hold again. It should be increased. My brakes now hold at full static.

Interestingly, my brake linings were only 1/3 worn, but there was a small crack in one lining leading away from one of the rivet holes. My original Michlin tires have been on the plane since chapter 8 - (6 years) but have only done around 100 landings (plus a lot of taxi testing). There was no thread showing, but the outside of one tire seemed quite "thin" and easy to press down. Even though I have a toe out due to spread gear, the wear was on the outside and the shape of the right tire, when inflated, seemed to bulge slightly in a consistant manner around the outside of the tire where it presumably touches the ground on landing with the gear hanging.

Finally - if you're fed up with the tricky job of checking pressure and reinflating the mains with wheel pants on, try the new Airstop tubes from Michlin. Apparantly they're not pourous and the tires don't loose pressure. Ever. I'll let you know if they work.

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