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Old 05-18-2005, 01:25 PM
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Default Flight Testing

Waiter, I think you have a bit of Long time. Would you recommend a low time private pilot build and test fly the machine with lets say, less than 100 hours? Do you think it is of any importance at all?
PHASE I (flight testing)
I would recommend that any Pilot who elects to perform their own test flight regime, perform the exact test card sequences in several other types of aircraft. I cannot envision a new PPL could perform a through flight test program.

PHASE II (Normal ops)
Ten hours in type should bring any PPL up to a degree of safety that they should be able to competently fly any docile canard. Obviously the more experience the pilot has, the better to cope with unusual situations (emergencies).

Its kind of like who knows more, the pilot or the plane. If I have a new plane, I want a pilot with a lot of knowledge.

If I have a new pilot, I want a plane with a lot of knowledge (docile).

A new pilot AND a new plane are not a very good mix.

Old 05-18-2005, 01:49 PM
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Can someone provide actual situations that flying experience helped when test flying a newly completed experimental aircraft?
I also serve as an EAA Flight Adviser. One of the duties I perform is to present the potential test pilot with a mirror. This mirror is in the form of a self evaluation as to the pilots qualifications to perform the task. The Gage, or ruler used is, time in type.
Gear configuration, tricycle, tail, retract, fixed.
Wing loading, High, Med, Low.
Stall Speed
Power, High Med, Low,
Propeller, Fixed, Variable, Constant speed.
Runway surface, sod, turf, hard, water.
Training (experience), In type, similar to type.

As you can see. The pilot might have 3000 hours in F16s, plus 20,000 in B-747s. but in my opinion, they are NOT qualified to do a first flight in a newly restored Steerman biplane on a grass field.

Fortunately, Its not my job to judge weather you are qualified or not. To really cut thought the macho BS, I normally like to have the spouse sitting at the table when I do an evaluation. Although I keep my opinion strictly to my self, I've never had a case where I felt an unqualified person was making a first flight.


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