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Old 10-11-2004, 10:32 PM
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Default Stager EZ cooling bid

Anyone knows how to prepare the bid for attaching to the head of an air cooled engine like was done on the extra clean stager EZ engine to direct air flow
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Old 10-11-2004, 11:29 PM
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I think that's done by impregnating BID with high temp (red) RTV and letting it cure flat under plastic, then cutting it up. Isnt it in the plans somewhere under "Engine"
Old 10-12-2004, 09:40 AM
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Steve Wright says:

This is how I did it. The entire process took me about 3 hours.

1. Make templates for the baffling on each of the cylinders. I used brown paper and cut it with scissors and trial fit each of the templates where you want them to go. Leave about 2 inches gap on the bottom for air to to into and go up to the push rod tubes on top.

2.Go to auto-zone or any auto parts store and get a big tube of blue silicone gasket maker. This is the size that fits in a cauking tube gun. I paid about $6.00 for tube of it. I use this as it is "thinner" or has "less viscosity" and will soak into the BID better.

3. Using masking tape...tape one ply of BID on a flat table. Make it about 36"X36".

4. Use a putty knife and spread a good heavy coat of blue silicone into the BID. Force it into the weave. Now grab a roll of thin plastic wrap and cover the wet silicone.

5. Flip this over and tape it down to the table again and spread silicone on this side.

6. Now take the paper templates and lay them down on the plastic wrap covered blue silicone BID and trace around them with a black sharpie permanent marker. Cut out with scissors and carefully peal the plastic wrap off the side that will stick on the cylinder and carefully put it on. Allow to cure overnight and peal the plastic off the outside and you are done............The silicone glues it on to the cylinders it will not burn or come off.

After I flew with this baffling my cylinder head temps went down about 60 degrees.

I, Wayne Hicks, now say:

RTV BID impregnation (?is that a word?) is a builder technique that's been around for a while. The varying techniques and applications are well documented in the Central States newsletters. The CSA newsletters are an invaluable resource to our canard community. Call Terry Schubert and he can hook you up with the issues you need.
Wayne Hicks, Cozy Plans #678

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