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Old 06-22-2007, 10:31 PM
rviglierchio rviglierchio is offline
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Default Re: Prop Damage

Originally Posted by TMann View Post
No chance you are missing a small wrench or a socket?
It's been known to happen.
I'll look some more.....
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Old 06-23-2007, 12:22 AM
Lynn Erickson Lynn Erickson is offline
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Default Re: Prop Damage

Originally Posted by rviglierchio View Post
Now I'm worried about why Waiter knows so much about nail polish...
I'll look for white, and/or try a friends airbrush with my PPG white that I think is the same paint Craig uses. Will also try your pipe trick Lynn, I need to get just a 1/4" or so to stop burning my heatshield material.
Thanks all for good ideas and the expected ribbing....
Fill it and fly it. sounds like it is your first prop ding. I know how you feel , its like the first scratch on a new car. OK enough sniviling. Get over the little ding, it won't be the last. its a pusher and something you will have to get use to. thats why Waiter and any older pusher pilot knows about the fingernail polish. I do understand your concern about where did it come from. you allways hope you can find the reason so you can fix it and prevent it from happening again. it may have been from the runway kicked up by the front tire. it may have been from under the cowling. do look over the rest of the plane it may have come from the most unlikey place. I had lost a # 6 thin washer in the belly near the landing brake hole and at the end of a flight I found the washer I had lost stuck half way in the borrowed performance prop.
This is my opinion of these facts and only my opinion, your opinion may vary

Lynn Erickson A&P for lets say almost 30 years
Much better with a Dremel than a computer.
What if they gave me choice between a fast computer or a fast plane?
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