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Old 08-29-2005, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by John Slade
Looking at a take-off distance chart I may still be within what's normal for a Cozy - high gross on a hot day extends the roll considerably - but on my 3000' it seemed like the end of the runway was coming up awfully fast. Certainly it would be hard to stop in the distance remaining.
my beloved COZY, johnny, you are making it sound like a dog with an airplane engine and a fixed pitch prop.

Although i have only one takeoff and landing - it was HOT and not a dog, unless you call 1200 FPM climb a dawg with full fuel and 215+160 = 375 in the front seat.

I also saw allot of takeoffs of cozies at Rough River last year and they in no way came even remotely close to using the entire runway. Would a flier jump in here and set the record completely straight.

It feels as though you are justifying the auto conversions need for a C/S prop by saying that the airplane engined cozy also NEEDS one and from my itsy bitsy experience that is quite simply not true. i mean - 100 degrees is 100 degrees is it not?
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Old 08-29-2005, 03:00 PM
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Takeoffs require higher torque than cruise flight. Lycoming and other large displacement aircraft engines develop higher torque (or flat torque lines through all RPMs) than most auto engines, which only hit thier peak torque at redline.

So, airplane engines are more forgiving of a cruise prop -- they'll spin it fast (developing high rpm) even though it's not very efficient at the low takeoff airspeeds.

An auto conversion on the other hand, usually doesn't have as much torque to spin (innefficently) a cruise prop on takeoff, and consequently doesn't develop full RPMs and horsepower.

Turbocharging generally results in a flatter torque line, so I don't know if John Slade will see any benifit from an IVO. Theoretically though, NA auto conversions should see huge takeoff benifits from a CS prop.
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Old 09-04-2005, 10:01 AM
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Turbocharging generally results in a flatter torque line, so I don't know if John Slade will see any benifit from an IVO.
We'll soon know, but I'm expecting a significant improvement in take-off and climb. Cooling may become an issue on hot days since I'll be using more power, but the current take-off feels rather like flooring a turbo car at 40 mph in top gear on a incline - the boost goes up, but the power isn't there and detonation is close by. Don't get me wrong - it works and take-off distance is quite acceptible, but I'd be happier to get higher sooner.

By the way, Chrissi asked how may hours does my hangar mate have with an IVO magnum on his Franklin powered Velocity. Answer : almost 300. He has their constant speed mod and loves it. He knows of two other Velocities with 300+ and 500+ hours respectively on IVO magnums. I'm not sure what engine's these planes have.
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Old 09-04-2005, 03:10 PM
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This is for Paul L who sent me a private email suggesting that we swap props so I can try his IVO while he trys my fixed pitch....

Hi Paul,
I'll check the canardaviation address, thanks. You might want to check the email address you gave me. It's bouncing too.

Swapping props would have been a good idea if our bolt holes matched, which they don't unfortunately. Mine are 3/8. Also, my IVO is already on the way. Should be here next week. The other reason the idea wouldn't have worked is that I doubt you could turn my 84 pitch prop enough to get airborne. I get about 1850 rpm static running at 46 MAP. I'll report the results of my IVO tests in the forum.
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Old 09-19-2005, 07:49 AM
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Default IVO Magnum "paddle" blades

I picked up from customs at the Athens airport the IVO Magnum "paddle" blades, Ross was gracious enough to let me have at half the price of new ones. I actually had a hard time convincing customs that the blades were used, they are truly magnificent.
Thank you Ross once again.
It'll be some time before I mount them on the plane, but come next summer I could be put-putting around the islands of the Aegean on a little air-boat.
It's all Greek to me
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