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Old 03-24-2006, 08:54 PM
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Default Epoxy/MGS shipping cost update (was choosing epoxy system)

Just got off the phone with ACS, best interaction I've ever had with them on the phone.

Here's the scoop, as I understood it:

MGS slow hardner alone has been upgraded to a ~worse shipping category in ALL 50 states (it's not just a CA thing). They are still shipping it via UPS. In order to do this, they must place the hardner in a special shipping box at a $45 fee for the box. Four quarts can be placed per $45 box. Each box (whether it has 1, 2, 3, or 4) quarts is charged the $20 usual hazard fee. Thus, the increase in shipping costs is for the container, not an increase in UPS shipping fees.

Two pending issues:
1) UPS currently will continue to ship for the same $20 hazard fee. ACS has a contract this UPS through Jan 1st, Jim intends to hold UPS to the contract now, and will expect UPS not to increase the $20 come next year.
2)The supplier of MGS products is supposed to start shipping the hardner in boxes/containers that are compliant with UPS etc at no increase cost, such that we (the consumer) should not see this new $45 additional fee continue for long.

What ACS suggests regarding MGS slow hardner...if you can wait a few weeks, they should start to receive the new kits in upgraded containers. If you can wait, you 'probably' will see no increase in cost relative to before this hazard fiasco started.

On another note, I got the run-down on shipping costs for
4)West Pro-Set

To start, when a material is designated as hazardous, a $20 per box fee is applied by UPS. This gets a little messy, so hold on... In each box is supposed to contain only 4 liters material. Depending on what kit you are buying, ACS may be able to squeeze 6L in one box(one gallon resin with two quarts hardner). Generally, if you buy a gallon kit (between 1g and 1.5g depending on system), it'll all go in the same box tagged with a $20 hazard fee. If you buy two 1 gallon kits, you pay $20 for each box (net $40 and so on). All this plus shipping costs. I've never looked at the invoices, but this really adds up!

Not all resins are hazardous, all hardners are.

1) MGS (285/335 the same)
Resin: Hazardous ($20 hazard fee plus regular shipping)
Fast hardener: Hazardous ($20 hazard fee plus regular shipping)
Slow hardner:

Resin: Not hazardous, only pay shipping cost per weight of resin.
Hardner: Hazardous ($20 hazard fee plus regular shipping)

105 Resin: Not hazardous, only pay shipping cost per weight of resin.
209 Hardner: Hazardous ($20 hazard fee plus regular shipping)

4)West Pro-set
Resin and Hardner: Hazardous: ($20 hazard fee plus regular shipping)

Computing epoxy system costs from ACS before shipping:
MGS 335:
$134.95 1.5g = ~$89/gallon

Aeropoxy: ~$84/gallon

Simple West: ~$84/gallon (209 hardener only)

$130.60 1.25g = ~$104/gallon

To this you add $30+ per gallon kit for shipping and hazard fees. I really wish I'd looked at this before.

I'm considering just switching to Pro-set. Regardless of what happens with MGS, Pro-Set seems to offer a lot of options and may be availabe from suppliers closer to home.

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