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Old 01-18-2007, 11:00 PM
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Post Fire in the hole...again

Here is a discussion on this very forum on fire (in the hole!) if yer intersted!
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Old 01-19-2007, 05:50 PM
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Was discussing this at the EAA meeting last night with another Cozy builder, apparently, the AL plans skin isn't acceptable to the Canadian regulatory agencies in any event...
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Old 01-19-2007, 06:03 PM
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just take the sheet of alloy down to your car painter, and ask him to buff it up with his polisher.. tada! instant stainless steel!

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Old 01-28-2007, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by chasingmars View Post
Hello all... I'm a bit confused by something, and was hoping for some feedback from fellow Canadian builders that may already have encountered this issue...

The firewall on the Cozy, from what I can tell, is mostly 1/4 inch ply, with some centre part in foam, covered by a little glass-epoxy. Given what happened when I tossed a sample of glass-MGS into the fire today (kind of like a sparkler), I'm not optimistic about the "fireproofness" of this firewall...

However, reading the MD-RA site, I found that there's a note there about "STD-507" ( ), which I gather applies to us if we're contracting for help or importing, that says, in it's Appendix on it's airworthiness requirements that:
(24) Each enclosed engine compartment shall be isolated from the remainder of the aircraft by a firewall, which shall be made of fireproof material.
However, assuming this came from C.549 of the CARs, I went looking and couldn't find any equivalent reference there... the preceeding part is similar, but regarding firewalls, it just says:

549.13 Equipment and Instruments
(a) Equipment:
(2) A firewall(s), isolating the engine compartment(s) from the remainder of the aircraft, if applicable.
So, are there issues regarding inspectors wanting to see fireproof firewalls? I can certainly see the merit in it, but it would seem a non-trivial change to the plans methods. Any ideas on why would the STD increase the requirement here, and any thoughts as to what that might bode for us down the line?

My read on all this is that we need a fireproof firewall on the Mk IV if we spend a dollar on outside help or want to work on it or import it from another country, but can use the plans firewall if we build it all by ourself only within Canada... this seems weird...
Firewall is important, but not quite as weak as your initial quote suggests.

The "firewall bulkhead" is 1/4 ply glassed, as stated, but the other parts of it are the back of your spar - foam and glass, covered by a piece of foam to get it to flush. Not at all fireworthy!

Played at all with fibrefax? Cool stuff - hit it with a 2000+F broad flame over a piece of pine for a couple of minutes and it glows a wonderful red and slight - very slight smoke. Remove the flame and fibrefax, and feel the pine - I didn't even get scorches on the pine! Now, add a thin sheet of stainless in front of the fibrefax and I'm not sure how long you could be with "flame-on" before hurting the structure behind.

Yes, aluminum is inadequate - it's flammable. That's why the plans changed control rods in the engine compartment to steel from aluminum too!

MD-RA is good guys - Changing the plans aluminum to stainless is no big deal. The fibrefax is already part of the plans. Probably adds about 3-5 lbs max! There won't even be a question of sign-off on that. I've already discussed it with my inspector.
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