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Old 05-30-2005, 01:08 AM
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Default Fuel Selector Warning?

So many threads & posts in this category, have we talked specifically about having or not having a 'both' selection? In any case, on another forum there's a form of a warning apparently based on Canard Pushers to NOT use a fuel selector that has a 'both' position unless you have a high-wing aircraft (like a Cessna).

"only a gravity feed fuel system can have a "both" type fuel selector. Low-wing aircraft that have negative pressure in the fuel lines from the tanks must NOT have a "both" position on the fuel selector, otherwise the pump (or the sump) will suck air if one tank runs dry (or if there is a leak in a fuel line.)"

It was noticed that Paul had a 'both' selection on his fuel selector. I see LongEz & Cozy plans call for a 'left, right, off' selections only.
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