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Old 05-24-2007, 08:05 PM
Northman Northman is offline
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Default Fixed Nose Gear on Long EZ?

I really feel like a complete noob asking this, but I poked around quite a bit and never saw this specific question anywhere.

I'm aware of the CG issues inherent in the Long-EZ design, but is it possible to make a (theoretically) safe modification to allow for a steerable fixed nose gear? Honestly, if I wanted retracts, I'd go full retract. I love the Long-EZ's design, but the hybrid approach to the landing gear really bothers me.

Given a long nose design and 50 pounds of ballast (for sake of argument) can a fixed nose gear be realistically done?

An alternate idea that I was kicking arouind -- a steerable nose gear system, but with a pinned lower shaft that can be removed -- the nose is kept dropped, but when you fly it, you lift it, install the nose gear (and retaining pin -- Clevis, maybe?) and off you go.
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