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Old 12-20-2004, 11:11 AM
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Lightbulb Stuck with ASS again, or Wix...

Yes, it's down to Aircraft Spruce or Wicks for the wing/canard foam...

Why? Because I can't figure out the **real** specs for the BLUE FOAM!

Interestingly the only thing mentioned is:

1. The density. 2.0 per something or other.
2. EPS (expanded poly styrene)
3. Blue color (but, plans say it can be white but the bottom line is "to stick to the approved vendors")
4. It's Styrofoam.
5. It is "Large Cell" type. (as opposed to small cell?)

During 2 days of research, I found that most builders who posted in the Cozy list, the Canard Zone and this forum, are under the impression that Dow makes the blue foam. Dow makes blue foam but it's not EPS, it's E PS or Extruded Poly Styrene, it is the REAL styrofoam and they are touchy about it. On their site, they say that the real styrofoam isn't that stuff that they make coffee cups out of, no, oh no! The real styrofoam (R with a circle around it) is the stuff they make and it ain't white.

There are a BUNCH of EPS manufacturers out there and none of them advertise "Large Cell" EPS, but they DO have the right density of 2.0.

This brings me back to Dow.
The only stuff that they make that is in a form big enough to make parts out of without glueing pieces together, is their "Flotation Dock Billets". Made out of gool ol' E PS.

Now the $439.52 question: Is it the same stuff ASS and WiX sells?

Talk to me Goose! (from Top Gun, the movie)

Also, LargePrime (who must be on extended vacation somewhere, or off blowing stuff up with his Navy Seal buddies again) alluded to some technical specs on the stuff. Anybody seen those specs anywhere?

Lastly, getting stuff shipped in and out of Florida is a nightmare. Especially during "The Holidaze". Allow about 5 extra days for anything to get anywhere.

Thanks for your support

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