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Old 06-26-2005, 10:14 PM
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Default first canard flight...

... seen.

There I was, sitting out on my deck in the beautiful Seattle sunshine planning for an upcoming trip abroad -- oh wait, did I say "sunshine"? I meant "light rain for the 192nd day in a row" (can't have anyone thinking we actually ever have decent weather here) --

when there was the familiar sound of a light plane passing overhead -- we're right in the flight path for the south approach to Kenmore Air, the busiest seaplane airport in the country -- and as is my wont, I looked up, and to my surprise it was a canard! first time I've ever seen one firsthand in flight.

couldn't tell the exact type, except that it wasn't a Long.
When you sail on the Titanic, there's no point in going steerage.

73 total flight hours and counting -- now licensed to get myself into trouble, er, I mean, licensed to learn!
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