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Old 08-24-2007, 10:44 AM
jcgarcia jcgarcia is offline
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Default Cozy III ready for inspection in Puerto Rico

Hello everybody,

I had the opportunity two days ago of meeting a humble old man here in Puerto Rico with a finished Cozy III ready for inspection. His name is Renfor or something like it. He's been building the cozy for about 15 years from scratch, very nice craftsmanship, also very practical .. He was very happy that I visited him as it's been very long time since somebody (interested in homebuilding) visited him. It was nice talking to him. I could notice that he knows what he is talking about, and he is very current regarding new trends, avionics mods. i was surprised. He had manage to make a lot of electronics from scratch, thanks to its electronics background, very very practical. He feels bad because here in PR the homebuilding is not that active as he would like, lso concerned because I think there is nobody here in the island to inspect his bird, as the FAA transfered the inspector due to very little work here with homebuilt AC. I got a lot of pics of his bird, and will post as soon as I learn how. I know he won't fly the bird, but I know he would be very pleased of seeing his creation departing from ground. It is his project of a lifetime. He is very proud of his bird. Well I'll start learning to upload pics.

Juan Carlos
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