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Old 05-27-2004, 04:51 PM
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Post N75CZ Turbo Rotary

A couple of you have requested more information, so I'll do the best I can to get nmore detailed on the engine and cooling.

I tried to upload some photos in JPEG format, but they failed to upload, and didn't give me any reason. Maybe they're too large.

There are probably more similaraties between my installation than differences, but they are a little different. I have a Howe 19X23 aluminum radiator mounted below the engine mount. In front of that radiator is my oil cooler (2nd Gen). They are both laying flat, end-to-end with the oil cooler right up against the firewall and directly abouve the NACA inlet. I have a fiberglass shroud that is formed to the oil cooler/radiator, and formed to match the shaped of the bottom cowling. I basically taped everything up for release, and glassed the shroud whil the bottom cowling was in place, for a perfect fit.

My NACA scoop has a slightly enlarged scoop on it. About a 1-1/2 taller than standard, in order to scoop in more air, since NACA inlets aren't reknowned for cooling radiators. I have 2 additional small armpit scoops, one on each side of the lower cowling. These feed the intercooler (Spearco custom), and a heater core that I use as an auxilliary radiator. It has coolant going through it all the time, and I will install a valve on it to either dump the heat as it does now, or pipe it into the cabin. I'll get around to that in November when it gets colder.

The engine is a stock 1989 to 91 2nd generation Mazda 13BT with the stock turbo also. I'm using the stock boost controller, but I also installed a pop off valve set to about 8 lbs, in case the wastegate can't dump enough pressure, which I have heard is an issue. So far I controll how much boost with the throttle. So far I've been taking off with 5 lbs of boost, which is about 3/4 throttle. That has been more than enough so far, as it has ample power. I did open it up a little lore on one take off to 7 lbs. I've never flown a plane with that much ground accelleration, including twins.

If someone can tell me how to post photos, I'd be happy to include some.
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Old 05-27-2004, 05:46 PM
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redesigning every part before build
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fixing the image up load now. It has been an issue.
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